Many of us at HBL MoneyClub are parents ourselves, and we want to develop a relationship between HBL and kids that teaches them about banking and saving in a fun and engaging way.

 Observations and Insights

Today's children are growing up comparatively fast and they are getting smarter at the same pace.

For children there's no distinction between playing and learning. The more children play with the objects in the world, the more children learn about them. Take shapes, for example: children learn that some things roll, and some things don't; some things stack into neat piles, and others don't.

When a child plays, they use their body as well as their senses, emotions, language and imagination. This 'rich' mix of experiences helps their learning. Plenty of rich play experiences creates a strong network of pathways in a child's brain. By repeating rich play experiences, the brain connections become even stronger.

Development and learning are the result of interactive processes. Play is a safe place for children to integrate what's going on in each domain, to help them understand the world, how to interact with others socially, how to express and control their emotions and how to develop their symbolic capabilities.

HBL developed a platform where kids get to be a member of the HBL MoneyClub, where they are taught and trained to uphold honour, integrity and achieve their aspirations.

HBL MoneyClub offers your child a learning experience which helps them learn about saving, banking and team work through a series of fun and challenging games.

HBL MoneyClub teaches the following skills to children:

 Motor Skills and Quick Thinking:

Our games are specifically designed keeping in mind hand and eye co ordination, fine motor skills and quick thinking. The instructions are written in a manner which forces a player to think beyond the obvious within the time slot. These elements help in the development of a child as it enables him/her to come up with timely solutions.

 Teamwork and Helping Others:

The games instill a sense of helping others for a greater good and work with Haris, Babar and Laila as a team. We have created tricky situations where kids have to help HBL MoneyClub complete any mission. The overall idea of the game also establishes the sense of helping others and changing the lives of the less fortunate in a fun and engaging manner. Children have an amazing sense of empathy and our games and stories give them a channel to use this empathy to gain a sense of achievement.

 Money Management:

Every game score has to be saved in HBL to progress to the next level. The game sends the saving prompt on successfully completing every mission thus making saving a habitual and necessary part of their psyche. The stories and games also send the higher message that “saving today can change your tomorrow”. The best part is that the children is never treated like a child on HBL MoneyClub as they are not only in charge of their own success and failure, they are also enabled to impact the lives of other characters.

 Problem Solving:

This platform gives the children to practice new skills, make mistakes, try new things and try solving problems in their own unique way. They learn how to resolve conflicts and gain a sense of competence in a safe place.

 Why Open an Account:

HBL is Pakistan’s largest banking network with more than 1500 branches and a presence in 4 continents. Opening a HBL MoneyClub account for your child means that you are making a part of a family that is comprised of more than 6 million members. This gives your child the feeling of being a part of something bigger than him or herself. Kids feel a sense of security and affinity when they are admitted in any group or club and that is exactly what HBL MoneyClub offers- a sense of acceptance for the child.

HBL Money Club offers:
  • Open an account with as little as Rs. 1
  • Earn 6.17% profit per annum (annualised rate of expected return on minimum balance)
  • Earn profit on your savings every month
  • Earn bonus profit of 2.5% per annum by simply saving more, on a minimum deposit of Rs. 100 and make no withdrawals throughout the month
  • Get a free mission box and an HBL DebitCard when you open your account (ages 6 to 17)
Apart from saving rewards you will receive a mission box, which will have a Visa Debit Card for free, a wrist wallet and a mission bag, which will accompany you on your saving missions.
  • How to open HBL MoneyClub Account
  • Your child needs to be below the age of 18
  • You need to open your account under the parent or court appointed guardian
  • You need to sign the application as the parent or guardian
 All you need:
  • Parent/Guardian Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • Minor's B-Form/Computerised Registration Certificate
  • Proof of Guardian relationship with Minor through Birth Certificate, Computerised Registration Certificate or Court Order.

Kindly register at the link below and let the fun and learning begin.